General terms and conditions of sale

1. General Conditions-Special conditions

The present general conditions of sale (the “General terms of sale”) govern the relationship between Siam Thai massage SARL (hereinafter “Siam Thai Massage” or the “Company”) and the client (the “customer”), collectively with Siam Thai Massage the “Parties”) As part of the sale of products and service delivery of Siam Thai Massage, as requested in store by the customer. Special conditions contractually agreed upon and applicable to a specific Siam Thai Massage product (the “special conditions”) may supplement or modify the general terms and conditions of sale.

The general conditions of sale together with the special conditions and the customer’s request form the contract (the “contract”).

2. Service performance

Siam Thai Massage offers only relaxing massages that are designed to relax and are not massage therapists. The various services offered by Siam Thai Massage are reserved for any major person, or minor holder of an authorisation of his legal representative who has become aware and accepted, the present general conditions of sale in their Entire. The services provided by Siam Thai massage concern only the massage of wellbeing and relaxation. They cannot be assimilated to therapeutic massages provided by physiotherapists and health professionals. The benefits of erotic or sexual nature are excluded. Any inappropriate behaviour towards the practitioner will immediately terminate the benefit that will be considered due and be subject to legal action.

Any medical problems whatsoever must be reported before the massage session.
Some diseases are incompatible with the massage, in this case the massage can still be carried out with a medical authorization of a doctor approved by the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Siam Thai Massage will in no way be responsible for any medical problems whatsoever after each session. The intensity and type of the massage is carried out at the request of the client.

If due to a planning error, Siam Thai Massage is given the right to cancel the service and or the client goes to the site without being able to benefit from the service, the customer cannot in any case claim damage or be awarded any discount.

All time delays to a massage session will be automatically deducted on the massage time initially planned.

Siam Thai Massage will consider that any person accepting a relaxing care shall have knowledge of these general Conditions, which is visible and accessible for each client at the Massage Institute at 72, Grand Rue L-1660 Luxembourg or in All locals or companies or one of our practitioners will exercise care.

3. Gift Vouchers

Siam Thai Massage offers these clients gift vouchers. These are limited time reported. You would have 6 months from the date of sale to use your gift voucher. After that date, the gift voucher may be considered invalid and therefore lost to the customer and those without the possibility of reimbursement.

The gift vouchers work by duration of the massage either 60 minutes or 90 minutes. If, however, the beneficiary wishes to perform a massage with a price or a lower duration of his gift voucher, no refund or credit will be possible.

If in the other case, a person wanting a massage of a duration or a higher price has the value of his gift voucher, that person will have to pay the difference of his gift voucher in relation to the desired care.

In the case where a person in possession of a gift voucher takes a reservation to which it does not surrender, the gift voucher may be simply cancelled and therefore will not be able to be used for a second appointment.

The gift voucher can be used only once and will have to be returned on the day of the appointment to benefit from its performance.