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Thai Herbal Compress

90 minutes 125 € This ancient Thai healing treatment using warm herbal pack containing 9 essential Thai herb compress on the areas that need healing combined with massage techniques. This ideal treatment is to relieve muscular aches and pains. its pressure and warmth improve blood circulation. Herbal nutrients help to nutrients help to nourish and […]

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Pregnancy Massage

60 minutes 75 € This special massage for pregnant women helps relieve back, legs and other parts of the body most severely tested during pregnancy. Warning! This massage is not recommended, however, the first 3 months and the last month of pregnancy.

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Aromatherapy Massage

60 minutes 75 € 90 minutes 105 € 120 minutes 140€ A blend of essential oils will be selected for your physical needs. A therapeutic massage using a special technique to drain the pockets of water retention and lymphatic fluid. This treatment is designed to help stimulate circulation and boost the body’s ability to eliminate […]

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Siam Thaï Massage

60 minutes 75 € 90 minutes 105€ 120 minutes 140€ Relieve tension and unwind to a stretching of your body to improve mobility and flexibility, followed by Thai massage techniques of palming and thumbing, without the use of oil, on your meridian lines.

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